Opening Event Japanese Modernization Lecture Series / JICA Chair

Initiating with a session entitled:

“Economic Growth and Japanese Management”

6 April, 2021 in E-JUST and (online)

1.Japanese Modernization Lecture Series / JICA Chair 

  • The program titled “Japanese Modernization Lecture Series” will guide on a journey to understanding Japan’s modernization and its development history which started about 150 years ago, through lectures by eminent Japanese professors.
  • E-JUST will start to promote this lecture series for faculty members, students within and outside E-JUST, as well as public sectors and communities. The purpose of this event is to commemorate the inauguration of this series of activities.
  • Key Messages are:
    • Japan is one of the “non-western” countries which emerged economically and democratically while conserving its culture and tradition. 
    • Looking back at Japan’s experience of modernization, it is possible to learn about the efforts that Japan has made to develop itself. What are the lessons learnt from Japan’s modernization and what can be relevant to the development of one’s own country?
  • By studying ‘Japanese experiences’ systematically and sorting out how Japan succeeded or failed in its political and economic development, the knowledge can be used to contribute to the development of your own countries.
  • A DVD lecture series of “Seven Chapters on Japanese Modernization” was produced. The title of each chapter is provided below. More chapters will be added to this series.

6th April’ 2021


Seven Chapters on Japanese Modernization

This program covers Japan’s modernization experiences from the closing years of the Edo period (1603-1867) to the Meiji period (1868-1912) and thereafter as well as the nation’s political history and experience after World War II. JICA president Dr. Shinichi Kitaoka and other prominent experts serve as lecturers, introducing all these Japanese experiences with ample historical material. Going forward, JICA and the Open University of Japan will jointly produce subsequent series not only for foreigners to learn about Japan but also for Japanese citizens aspiring to play a part in the international community to better express Japan’s experiences and expertise in English.

  1. “Meiji Revolution: Start of Full-Scale Modernization” Dr. Shinichi Kitaoka, President, JICA
  2. “Rise and Fall of the Party Politics in Japan” Prof. Kaoru Iokibe, the University of Tokyo
  3. “Japan after World War II” Prof. Akihiko Tanaka, President, GRIPS
  4. “Economic Growth and Japanese Management” Prof. Hiroyuki Itami, President, International University of Japan
  5. “Educational Development in Modernization in Japan” Dr. Nobuko Kayashima, Senior Vice President, JICA
  6. “From ‘Asia and Japan’ to ‘Japan in Asia’” Dr. Takashi Shiraishi, President, Prefectural University of Kumamoto
  7. “A Japanese Approach to International Cooperation” Prof. Hiroshi Kato, International University of Japan

2. Chapter 4 “Economic Growth and Japanese Management” (by Dr. Hiroyuki Itami, President of the International University of Japan)

  • In this event, a video lecture on ‘Economic Growth and Japanese Management’ will be demonstrated by Prof. Dr. ITAMI Hiroyuki, President, International University of Japan. This will be followed by Prof. Dr. ITAMI’s live Q & A session and discussion by distinguished commentators. This chapter covers the post-war period up until today and highlights the Japanese-style of corporate management, which worked as the foundation of Japan’s economic success.
  • The management system of Japanese companies as well as Japan’s economic miracle will give useful information to many countries aspiring to achieve rapid economic growth.
  • To be more specific, it is pointed out that the main feature of the Japanese management is its people-centeredness, which he calls it “Peoplism,” and through its peoplistic corporate system, Japan has successfully promoted industrial democracy.


Tuesday, April 6th 2021, 11:00 – 13:30, E-JUST Main Campus, UC Hall & online (via Zoom)

Who’s Speaking

  • Professor Emeritus, Hitotsubashi University, 2008-
  • Outside Auditor, JFE Holdings, 2010-
  • Outside Auditor, Mitsui OSK Lines, 2011-
  • Ph.D., Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, August 1972
  • Master of Commerce, Graduate Division, Hitotsubashi University, March 1969
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Department of Commerce, Hitotsubashi University, March 1967
  • Honorary Doctor’s Degree Wroclaw Economics University (Poland) 2010